Walter Horner

One man's life changed the course of history for billions of people across the globe. He is both revered and reviled, famed and feared and you know who he is without a single mention of his name...


Responding to the Church’s call for a “Walter Horner Ministries” and the call of the Holy Spirit to go, I set 22 years ago into the full-time ministry of evangelization. This preaching and consulting ministry has afforded me the opportunity to travel around the 5 continents and see firsthand the issues plaguing our Pastors, their Staff, and the ministries as a whole. It is my sincerest hope that Walter Horner Ministries Ministries can become a resource for local Pastors, assisting them in their effort to bring about a revitalized Community, firmly established in God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Is it possible for one to receive the Holy Spirit and still not know Him? This is the crux of this discussion. The answer to this question is an obvious YES. While pointing out key elements of the breakdown of faith seen by all in church ministry, we will discuss four causes hindering the Holy Spirit flow through the life of a believer. Surrounding these causes we have also identified three critical issues that we believe must be addressed to bring about effective and fruitful evangelization.

Critical Issue #1 – Lack of Sacrifice and Suffering for the Kingdom

We somehow have lost sight of the fact that ministry is a war in which sacrifices need to be made for the building of the body. Too often, lay and clerical ministers had grown comfortable within their ministry assignments, seeking only to maintain what was currently under way. We must regain our fervor to see those we minister to come to intimate union with Christ!

Critical Issue #2 – The Absence of Testimony

The absence of credible witness from those who know us is a conspicuous void in the ministry of the Church. We lack in our training of Disciples of Christ the instruction of the purpose and methods for giving witness to Christ’s presence now in their everyday lives.

Critical Issue #3 – ministriesDo Not Appear to be Led by the Holy Spirit

We no longer appear to be communities who follow a living God. We appear to be communities who follow a set of rules, programs, and schedules. This leaves little room for something new because “this is the way we have always done things”. One would find it difficult to see signs of the leadership of the Holy Spirit in many of our churches.

Critical Issue #4 – Lack of Devotion

Great efforts are underway by our Bishops, Pastors and Ministers to restore substance to their ministries through a devoted life, Within this substance we need to provide specific material describing and leading and devotion to our faithful from the initial conversion by enacting their free will to ratify the full work of redemption. In Absence of this action, they will lose the content without leading them to establish a loving relationship with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Critical Issue #5 – Sin

Sin obviously destroys our relationship with the Holy Spirit and must be addressed. At the core of this cause is the relationship that must be restored. Preaching will be critical but even more important is the experienced presence of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of our believers who will reveal to them the truth about sin.

Critical Issue #6 – Demonic Influence

Of all causes, this cause is the one that is least acknowledged within the walls of many local Churches. Rarely do you see ministries again where acknowledgement of the existence of Demons is openly taught. The forces of evil no longer have a holy nation keeping them at bay. We must not only engage the enemy but also teach othe body of Christ on their presence and methods for bondage.

Critical Issue #7 – Lack of Faith

The results of the previous three issues have reduced our faithful to a limited understanding and little dependence on the person of God for their everyday lives. Faith seems to be more about understanding historical facts and rules than responding to a trust relationship with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. We must help them establish this relationship.

Conclusion & Walter Horner's Response

There are tangible things that can and must be done to turn the tide of moral decline in our world. ministries need to begin to lead their faithful to the person of the Holy Spirit and instruct them on how a Disciple of Christ walks in the experience, power, and love of the Spirit. Walter Horner Ministries Ministries is dedicated to assisting local ministries by providing training for churches/Staff (Clergy and Laity working for ministry) and Pastoral Teams (Clergy, Staff, and volunteers in Leadership). We are currently developing Seminars to respond to the critical issues and causes identified above. These seminars are all designed to instruct the staff on how to train their faithful into a viable relationship with Christ, through intimate union with the Holy Spirit.